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Teachers' Curation Has Impact on Students' Academic Growth

Xiuqi Yang, Zixi Chen, and Dr. Kaitlin Torphy take questions from the audience.

The Teachers in Social Media Team joined researchers at the Midwest Sociology of Education Conference hosted by Northwestern University to present early work examining the relationship between teachers' curation within Pinterest and students' achievement.

Xiuqi Yang presents the data sources and structure.

Combining BIG social media data, expert coded virtual resources, and state administrative data from the Indiana Department of Education (thank you Notre Dame University and CREO for your collaboration!) this work is able to connect behavior in the virtual sphere to results in the classroom.

Zixi Chen presented findings which indicated a significant and negative return to teachers' resource curation at the lowest level of the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.

Team effort for this work included collaboration with Notre Dame University CREO team, and work by Dr. Kaitlin Torphy, Zixi Chen, Xiuqi Yang, and Daman Chhikara. With thanks to Dr. Ken Frank for his support.

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