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Invited Lecture at Notre Dame University for the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity

On March 5, 2018 the Teachers in Social Media Project presented Notre Dame University. Thank you Dr. Kenneth Frank, Dr. Mark Berends, and Dr. Bill Carbonaro for the opportunity.

There, Dr. Kaitlin Torphy, Dr. Adrienne Hu, and Zixi Chen present research examining teachers' response to statewide education policy change and the classroom implementation of instructional resources accessed in social media.

Above, Zixi Chen reports the impacts of the Indiana high stakes reading test for third grade students on teachers' access of instructional resources within Pinterest. We find teachers seek out additional English Arts Resources after the I-READ enactment.

Dr. Kaitlin Torphy situates teachers online engagement on social media within a broad body of literature on teachers' planning, professional learning, and organizational theory.

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