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Fulbrighter Network Notes Innovative Approaches with Teachers in Social Media

Lina Quiceno, a Colombian entrepreneur with experience in digital marketing and Fulbright scholar, featured Laurence (w4rner) Warner, a fellow Fulbright scholar who helps teenagers learn to design & build their own apps through his company agileEducation. Warner wrote,

"Especially for younger children, creative approaches are vital. During my Fulbright at U Chicago, I got to meet Dr. Kaitlin Torphy, who leads an education research team 'Teachers in Social Media' down the road at Michigan State, which is innovative not in its use of fancy quant methods, but rather in the non-traditional spaces they research. Through monitoring more niche social media like Pinterest, which led them to a specialised platform for teachers to share creative resource packs called Teachers Pay Teachers, they realised that the majority of teachers are drawing materials and inspiration from the internet, to deliver more creative experiences to the classroom."

to read more of the article, check it out here.

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