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American Educational Research Association Symposium 2018

The Teachers in Social Media Project presented in a symposium on the disruption and reorganization of access and use of educational resources within the 21st century. Other research included talks by Dr. Jonathan Supovitz, Dr. Christian Kolouch, Dr. Frank Cornelissen, and Dr. Christine Greenhow with Dr. Ken Frank chairing the session and Dr. Cynthia Coburn providing feedback as the discussant.

Dr. Adrienne Hu presented how teachers use Pinterest to address the problems of practice teachers encounter on a daily basis. Qualitatively examining a case of one teacher, she delved into teachers' sense-making as they curate instructional resources from cloud to class.

Dr. Kaitlin Torphy presented work on the similarity of teachers' resource access and sharing online. Using a model of similarity based on a cosine similarity index, results showed teachers more similar in resource seeking based on their district and grade level context as well as orientations to their locus of control.

Thanks to Dr. Cynthia Coburn who provided thoughtful feedback on the session and suggested that this work is pushing the field to consider the broader contexts in which teachers engage.

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