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Building Theory

Teachers Turning to Teachers: Teacherpreneurial Behavior Within Social Media

Manuscript under review.

Kaitlin T. Torphy, Sihua Hu, Yuqing Liu & Zixi Chen

Educators Meet the Fifth Estate: The Role of Social Media in Teacher Training 

Kaitlin T. Torphy & Corey Drake. Teachers College Record Year Book Issue Volume 121, no. 14. 2019.


Social Media, Who Cares? A Dialogue Between a Millennial and a Curmudgeon 

Ken Frank* & Kaitlin T. Torphy*. Teachers College Record Year Book Issue Volume 121, no. 14. 2019. 

*Equal Authorship

Listen to the Audio File here.

Social Media and Education: Curation Within and Outside the Schoolhouse

Sihua Hu* & Kaitlin T. Torphy*

*Equal first authorship

Forthcoming in 2020 in the Handbook of Social Media Analytics: Advances and Applications  

A Roadmap for Incorporating Online Social Media in Educational Research

Hamid Karimi, Tyler Derr, Kaitlin Torphy, Ken Frank, & Jiliang Tang. Teachers College Record Year Book Issue Volume 121, no. 14. 2019.

Conceptualizing Virtual Instructional Resource Enactment in an Era of Greater Centralization, Specification of Quality Instructional Practices, and Proliferation of Instructional Resources

John Lane, Brian Boggs, Zixi Chen, & Kaitlin Torphy. Teachers College Record Year Book Issue Volume 121, no. 14. 2019.

Characterize Instructional Content

What do Teachers Share on Socialized Knowledge Communities: A Case of Pinterest 

Sihua Hu, Kaitlin T. Torphy, Amanda Opperman, Kim Jansen & Yun-jia Lo

Journal of Professional Capital and Community March 2018

Educational Research in the 21st Century: Leveraging Big Data within Educational Research to Explore Teachers' Professional Behavior and Educational Resources Accessed within Pinterest

Kaitlin T. Torphy, Hamid Karimi, Jiliang Tang, Ken Frank, & Sihua Hu

In preparation.

Culturally Relevant Curriculum Materials in the Age of Social Media and Curation

Sihua Hu, Kaitlin T. Torphy, & Amanda Opperman. Teachers College Record Year Book Issue Volume 121, no. 14. 2019.

Understanding Teacher Identities within Physical and Virtual Spaces as Social Capital: A Social Network Approach. Manuscript in Preparation.

Sihua Hu, Kaitlin T. Torphy, & Zixi Chen.

*Equal first authorship

Map Social Diffusion

Examining the Virtual Diffusion of Educational Resources Across Teachers’ Social Networks Over Time. Forthcoming in Teachers College Record summer 2020.

Yuqing Liu*, Kaitlin T. Torphy*, SIhua Hu, & Jiliang Tang

*Equal first authorship


Sources of Professional Support: Patterns of Teachers' Curation of Instructional Resources in Social Media  

Manuscript under review.

Kaitlin T. Torphy, Yuqing Liu, Sihua Hu, & Zixi Chen

From Cloud to Classroom: Mathematics Teachers’ Enactment of Resources Accessed Within Virtual Spaces. Forthcoming in Teachers College Record, summer 2020.

Sihua Hu, Kaitlin T. Torphy, Kim Jansen & John Lane


Teacher Connection in Online Social Media: Understating and Prediction in Pinterest

Examine Policy Impacts

The Impacts of the Common Core State Standards on Teachers' Resource Seeking and Access on Pinterest

Kaitlin T. Torphy, Yuqing Liu, Sihua Hu, Jiliang Tang, & Ken Frank

How Do Teachers Align their Curated Online Resources to the Common Core State Standards?

Sihua Hu, Kaitlin T. Torphy, Zixi Chen, & Brendan Eagan 

Coupling the planning and understanding of teaching and education policy with the change in students’ proficiency over time, big data connected to administrative data provide an opportunity to examine rich data on school change and student success in a way never before achievable at scale.

Building a Nationally Representative Sample of Teachers Online and Offline: The Public Instructional Network of School Resources. Manuscript Under Review.

Zixi Chen*, Kaitlin Torphy*, Hamid Karimi, & Nicole Donzella

*Equal First Author Contribution

Supporting Teacher Training and Development

Providing teachers and students in teacher training with the skills necessary to curate instructional curriculum is a primary focus for the Teachers in Social Media Project. Currently, we are piloting a Reflection Guide (see documents below) that will support teachers' exploration of worthwhile mathematics instructional resources online. We see teachers' curation of instruction and supplemental curriculum as an integrated whole within Socialized Knowledge Communities and their own school-based collegial networks.

A Refection Guide to Instructional Curation of Virtual Resources: Developing Teachers' Habits of Mind

Sihua Hu & Kaitlin T. Torphy

We know teachers' engagement in social media is not bounded to the Pinterest platform. The Open Educational Resource movement (OER) is an example of state and federal actors working toward distributed leadership in curricular curation and online engagement within schools. Moving away from written textbooks, OER provides districts the opportunity to localize and adapt curriculum to their state standards, and students interests.

Creating Systems of Sustainability: Four Focus Areas for the Future of PK-12 Open Educational Resources

ISTE and New America with contributions from Dr. Kaitlin Torphy, Dr. Emily Hodges, Dr. Marcia Mardis, Dr. Serena Salloum, Dr. Susanna Benko, and Rebecca Morales.

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