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Educatonal Pinterest Example

Teachers in Social Media

In today’s fast paced world, people are increasingly turning to social media for real- time information and connection. People pay with their phones, check social media for their news, and talk through text. Social media in education is a spontaneous, grass roots movement originated by teachers themselves. 


Students Raising Hands

Amazon Education (2016) report teachers spend up to 12 hours per week online accessing instructional content

Students Drawing

RAND (2016) find a majority of elementary and secondary teachers consult Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers

Teacher Helping Young Student

Educators are encouraged to use online professional learning communities, tools, and courses to enhance their mathematics content knowledge, pedagogical practice, and leadership (NCSM, 2015).

We find nearly all of our sampled teachers use Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers to acquire or share instructional content. 

80% of teachers access Pinterest at least once a month 

50% of teachers access Pinterest at least once a week


Dr. Kaitlin Torphy

Lead Researcher and Founder 

Social media is a reflection of how teachers view themselves as teachers, how they view their practice, and how they view their pedagogical choices or aspirations.


Dr. Kenneth Frank 

Professor of Sociometrics

Who knows it might be Instachat in the future...

Social Media, Who Cares? A Dialogue Between a Curmudgeon and a Millenial 

Forthcoming in Teachers College Record

Year End Issue

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